Becta publish learning services framework agreement

The full text of the framework agreement for those wishing to supply learning platforms to local authorites and RBCs is on the OJEU website, try here.

Snow in Godalming

Well not exactly… The Hollywood film crew were back to film a few more scenes for The Holiday, but alas the stars were not in attendance. We did, though, manage to get a little closer to the action, so close…

Non-linear learning and research

An excellent day at the IoE for a Mirandanet meeting on visual communication. The project is sponsored by Inspiration, who make mind-mapping software, but the plan is far more ambitious than just exploring this sort of technology.

A short history of computing

Today I rounded off our Year 6 unit on Victorian Mathematics (which I meant to do last half term, when it was still their history topic, but you know how it is…), with a very quick tour of some bits…


A good IT lesson this morning, using FreeMind open source mind mapping software. I’ve tended to be relatively cynical about mind-mapping in the past, as I tend to work in outline lists myself, but having been reading a number of…

Gifted and Talented

Someone asked me recently about what provision we make for our ‘gifted and talented’ students. I try not to worry too much about how the terms are defined, or how one goes about identifying such pupils, which sadly seems to…


We had Tom Hoffman of Schooltool visiting us at school today, as part of the SchoolTool world tour – Monday, St Ives School, Haslemere, Tuesday, UNESCO, Paris, etc.

Half Term Culture

A lot of the half term has been spent at the computer (surprise, surprise!), reading more of the blogosphere than I normally get chance to, but also trying out a few other bits of web 2.0 for the first time.

Primary Matters Spring 06

As part of my ‘watching brief’ on primary matters for the IMA‘s Schools and Further Education committee, I write a termly report attempting to summarize developments in primary maths education, focussed principally on provision in England. What follows is my…


I must admit, I’m not quite sure about LAMS. LAMS is an open source, web-based tool for sequencing learning activities – so does some of the things a VLE does, but the focus is on putting activities and resources into…