Elgg v 0.3

Sep 28, 2005

Miles Berry


Many thanks for all the work that’s gone into getting the new release up and running.

I spotted the download was available first thing this morning, and took the plunge to upgrade from v0.2 here.

It took about 90 minutes to get things working right – the two main problems were:

  • MySQL didn’t like the first two lines of update.sql, rewriting as

    DELETE FROM templates WHERE 1>0;

    DELETE FROM template_elements WHERE 1>0;

    seemed to do the trick.</li>

    • v 0.3 is not happy sitting in a webserver subdirectory. The rewritebase in .htaccess needs changing, and to get things working I’ve had to put another .htaccess in the webserver root, with manual rewrites for each of my users’ profiles. Aargh. If there’s some simple way to get round this, please say!</ul>

    That said, all this was sorted in time for the lesson – more posts focussing mainly on yesterday’s drama workshop, together with great fun creating avatars from the creative commons collection at Stortroopers.com. Interestingly, one or two of my pupils miss the old style grey and purple interface, especially the pencil star icon. Now they can see who’s who, they’re rapidly creating lists of friends.