15 May 2024 Training new teachers for AI in education Seminar for King’s College London CRESTEM group

13 May 2024 Generative AI and Computing Webinar for NCCE ITT/ECT group

10 May 2024 Engagement in computing Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, Norwich

2 May 2024 How important is the human touch in the age of AI learning? Remarks at a roundtable dinner on AI in higher education, British Academy, London.

1 May 2024 Out With the Old (Assessment) in With the New (Assessment): Rethinking How We Assess Students. Panel discussion for Schools and Academies Show, ExCeL.

30 April 2024 Computing in the primary national curriculum INSET for Wimbledon High School junior department

23 April 2024 What does AI mean for me? Keynote presentation, ICT for Education seminar, Queen Mary University of London.

4 April 2024 Generative AI and the mathematics teacher, and the mathematics learner. Workshop for Shape Up, joint conference of the mathematics subject associations, Stratford upon Avon.

23 March 2024 Generative AI and educational research Keynote presentation at Roehampton doctoral students’ conference.

21 March 2024 Generative AI and computing education. Keynote presentation for STEM Learning Prodfessional Development Leaders’ annual conference.

21 March 2024 AI for accessibility and inclusion. Presentation for World Education Summit.

19 March 2024 Engagement in Computing. Presentation for ICT for Education seminar, Univeristy of Manchester.

19 March 2024 AI and Initial Teacher Education. Presentation for MAT leaders’ Learning Lunch. Online.

19 March 2024 What’s in AI for me? Keynote presentation for ISC Digital Strategy Conference, Bletchley Park.

11 March 2024 AI and secondary education. Webinar for Seneca Learning customers and partners.

4 March 2024 Generative AI. Talk for Y10 to Y13 and twilight INSET, St George’s Weybridge.

29 February 2024 AI for accessibility and inclusion. Presentations for British Dyslexia Association Virtual Conference: Creating a Positive Learning Environment.

29 February 2024 AI and Assessment. Talk and panel contribution for Westminster Education Forum policy conference: Next steps for AI in education.

24 February 2024 Generative AI and the Transformation of Learning. Keynote presentation, 8th Education Today Conference, Turgut Ozal Colleges, Tirana, Albania.

20 February 2024 Teach yourself…. Safer Internet Day assembly for King’s Cross Academy.

12 February 2024 How generative AI can assist teachers. Webinar for CAS AI group.

25 January 2024 20 Things to Do with a Computing - Lessons from Papert and Solomnon. Presentation to Daejeon, Korea computing teachers, Bright Little Labs, London.

23 January 2024 Generative AI and computing education. Keynote presentation, UKIE Digital Schoolhouse Ingenuity Day, Barclays, Canary Wharf.

16 January 2024 What does AI mean for me - What’s in it for teachers? Keynote presentation, ICT for Education Seminar, University of Roehampton.

15 January 2024 Traning new teachers for AI in education. Presentation for University of Roehampton Teaching and Learning Summit.

9 January 2024 AI and the Prep’ School. Staff INSET, Beaudesert Park School, Gloucestershire.

5 Jaunuary 2024 AI in Secondary Education. Keynote for staff INSET, Reed’s School, Cobham.

14 December 2023 Generative AI in Computing. The Big Computing Leadership Conference, Oxford Brookes University.

8 December 2023 Keynote on teaching computing effectively and workshops on computing and mathematics and computing across the curriculum for MEET 2023, Derby.

5 December 2023 The computing curriculum in England: rationale, history, implementation, achievement, challenges. Colombian government delegation, British Council / British Computer Society, London.

28 November 2023 Engagement in computing. ICT for Education seminar, University of Roehampton

20 November 2023 The CCF/ECF and computing. CAS ITT/ECT community webinar.

15 November 2023 The implications of AI for teacher education programmes. With Kevin Mattinson. UCET Annual Conference, Leeds.

November 2023 Engagement in computing. ICT for Education seminar, Reading University

November 2023 AI in ITT. Webinar for Computing Teacher Education Network

6 November 2023 AI for accessibility and inclusion. Keynote, ISA annual study conference, Kenilworth.

6 November 2023 Developing a curriculum for AI. Workshop, ISA annual study conference, Kenilworth.

6 November 2023 AI and Secondary Education. Keynote for Keynote Educational, Hammersmith, London.

30 October 2023 The truth about AI. Keynote presentation, Festival of Learning, Ipswich.

24 October 2023 AI and academic integrity, keynote presentation, 3rd Conference on Academic Integrity, Telavi, Georgia

19 October 2023 Education technology and the core content framework. Keynote for National Education Network Annual Conference. Milton Keynes.

October 2023 AI’s role in teaching and learning (higher education). Panel discussion with Gerdinand Bosch, Michael Heister, Noha Abdelmonem, Marcus Sprecht. Edutech Europe, Amsterdam.

7 October 2023 Cryptography and functional programming in Python. Association of Teachers of Mathematics virtual conference.

22 September 2023 What should we teach children about AI? Keynote presentation for ICT for Education, Newcastle.

19 September 2023 AI in ITT. Presentation for UCET AI Working Group.

12 September 2023 AI in Computing Education. Presentation for ICT for Education seminar, University of Coventry.

August 2023 Ed Tech and the Core Content Framework. Keynote presentation for BCS teaching scholarship holders, BCS, London.

6 July 2023 AI and inclusion. Festival of Education, Wellington College.

20 June 2023 AI for accessibility and inclusion. ISC/ISA Digital conference, Wembley

20 June 2023 Machine learning for kids. ISC/ISA Digital conference, Wembley

13 June 2023 AI in computing education. Keynote for CAS Transforming Tech Education Together event, BCS, London.

8 June 2023 AI in HE. Keynote presentation for University of Roehampton Generative AI Day.

2 June 2023 What will you do? Programming education in Japan: considering Issues and possibilities from the British subject Computing. Invited presentation for NEE 2023, Tokyo, with Junichi Yamanishi

May 2023 What should we teach children about AI? Keynote presentation for ICT for Education, Norwich

28 April 2023 AI for accessibility and inclusion. Keynote presentation for CARNET Users Conference, Rovinj, Croatia.

25 April 2023 Ofsted’s research review on computing. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, University of Reading

18 April 2023 Ofsted’s research review on computing. Webinar, Computing Teacher Education Network

March 2023 Ed tech, computer science and the ITT core content framework. Webinar, TPEA

March 2023 Learning about AI. Talk for GCSE and A Level students, Leighton Park, Reading

March 2023 Computational thinking in today’s basic education curriculum. Webinar for doctoral students from University of Lisbon, University of Aveiro and University of Minho, Portugal.

8 March 2023 Op art in Processing. Webinar for International School of Lausanne, Switzerland.

28 February 2023 AI for accessibility and inclusion. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, University of Sussex, Brighton.

25 February 2023 Op Art in Processing. I love Computing Conference, London.

February 2023 Careers in data science. Talk at Year 9 STEM Careers event, St Edmund’s School, Hindhead.

7 February 2023 Pirates and Cheats. Safer Internet Day assembly, Islington

January 2023 Ofsted’s research review on computing. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, University of Roehampton

November 2022 What should we teach children about AI? Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, University of Reading

13 October 2022 Computational thinking and coins. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, Manchester

October 2022 Imbedding digital approaches for curriculum innovation. Panel discussion, EduTech Europe, Amsterdam. With Alexander Rosado-Serrano, Martin Ebner, Marc Oswald, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo

1 October 2022 Python for mathematical problem solving: exploring Project Euler. ATM Online Conference.

26 September 2022 Deconstructing and reconstructing ed tech for an AI age. Deputy heads conference, the Haberdashers’ Company

2 September 2022 The two types of computational thinking. Keynote presentation, ERTE-6. Ponta Delgada, Azores.

22 August 2022 Informatics in Primary Education: Approaches, Current Issues and Lessons Learnt. WCCE 2022: IFIP TC3 World Conference on Computers in Education. Hiroshima, Japan. With Kalas, I, Brinda, T, Micheuz, P, Malyn-Smith, J, Dagiene, V, Černochová, M, Tupareva, D, Leahy, M, Berry, M, Sysło, M, Mrochen, I, Brodnik, A & Reffay, C

5 August 2022 20 things to do with a computer – lessons from Papert and Solomon. Snap!con 22 (online)

20 July 2022 Creating the next generation of coders. Talk for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Education Technology, Portcullis House, London.

19 July 2022 Practical cryptography. Presentation at Cyber Education 2022_, University of Roehampton.

17 July 2022 Twenty Things to do with a Computer - Lessons from Papert. CSTA Conference, Chicago.

July 2022 What should we teach children about AI. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, University of Roehampton

23 June 2022 Emergency remote learning and academic integrity. Keynote presentation, INTEGRITY conference, Batumi, Georgia

June 2022 What should we teach children about AI. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, Brighton

13 May 2022 Twenty Things to do with a Computer. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, Norwich.

April 2022 20 Things to do with a Computer: Lessons from Papert. Workshop at ATM Annual Conference, Northampton

9 April 2022 20 Things to do with a Computer: Lessons from Papert. Presentation for Digital Education 2022, Belgrade, Serbia (online)

2 April 2022 ¿Un currículo de computación coherente? La experiencia inglesa. Keynote presentation, University of Zaragoza, Spain.

22 March 2022 Twenty Things to do with a Computer. Presentation, World Education Summit, London (online)

March 2022 K-12 Computing Education and Education Research Resources. With Monica McGill, Jake Baskin, Quinn Burke, Leigh Ann Delyser, Shuchi Grover, Colleen Lewis, Briana Morrison, Davina Pruitt-Mentle. Special Session, SIGCSE 2022, Providence, RI, USA.

February 2022 Safer Internet Day assemblies, Islington primary schools

14 December 2021 Coding across the curriculum. Workshop for UCL IOE primary computing education students.

4 December 2021 Working with bits on the micro:bit. Online workshop, micro:bit Live.

24 November 2021 Twenty things to do with a computer. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education Roadshow, University of Roehampton.

12 November 2021 Twenty things to do with a computer. Keynote presentation. ICT for Education, Brighton

10 November 2021 Simple STEM links with Python. CAS Inspire. With Peter Dring.

15 October 2021 ICT for Education, Salford. Conference Chair.

11 October 2021 Computação nas escolas inglesas: lições aprendidas. Evening seminar for ANPRI, Associação Nacional de Professores de Informática, Portugal.

7 October 2021 5 (out of 20) things to do with a computer. Opening keynote for EU Codeweek 2021

8 September 2021 Computação nas escolas inglesas: lições aprendidas. Keynote presentation, 5º Encontro Regional de Tecnologias na Educação, Azores.

22 August 2021 Creative Coding. Keynote presentation, Virtual Creative Coding Festival 2021

14 July 2021 Op Art in Processing. Workshop for CSTA Virtual Conference.

8 July 2021 Progression in problem solving. Keynote presentation, ICT for Education, Norwich.

2 July 2021 Pensamento computacional nos Açores e em Inglaterra. The Azores.

25 June 2021 Teaching Data Science. Festival of Education.

16 June 2021 Visualising the NSS data: Tools, Projects and Assessment. Roehampton Annual Festival of Teaching and Learning: Curriculum design in a time of change.

9 June 2021 Computational thinking (and coins). Keynote presentation, ICT for Education Roadshow, University of Roehampton.

2 June 2021 The two types of computational thinking. Keynote presentation for 5th APSCE International Conference on Computational Thinking and STEM Education 2021, Singapore

13 May 2021 Digital technologies in mathematics education in the future, Mathematics education and digital technologies workshop, The Royal Society, London.

8 April 2021 England’s computing curriculum since 2014, Digital Education 2021, Belgrade.

8 April 2021 Teaching data science ATM Annual Conference.

24 March 2021 Teaching data science Osiris World Education Summit.

16 January 2021 Teaching data science CSTA Future of CS Summit.

12 January 2021 Only connect January Welcome Festival, University of Roehampton.

6 October 2020 Virtual education is personalised education EduTech Digital Summit, Riyadh, KSA.

5 October 2020 Academic integrity and distance learning Integrity Conference, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.

22 July 2020 Educational policies based on coding Virtual Educa Connect virtual conference.

13 July 2020 Teaching data science in schools, CSTA 2020 virtual conference.

7 July 2020 How can a former Soviet republic end the institutional culture of plagiarism and improve the quality of teaching and learning in HE? Advance HE virtual conference. With Peter Flew.

13 March 2020 Data science for all ICT Live, Brighton.

29 January 2020 Coding, creativity and community, Roehampton PG research conference.

22 January 2020 Facilitation: Nordic at BETT, Nordic CRAFT.

28 November 2019 Developing AI solutions with schools, ISC Digital Strategy Group, Brighton.

22 November 2019 Progression in problem solving, ICT for Education, Nottingham.

9 November 2019 Computing in English schools: Lessons to learn for AI education, AAAI Fall Symposiums, Arlington.

25 October 2019 Keynote: Digital Skills for Growth, Durham.

8 October 2019 Plenary: Making change, Hampshire Computing Conference, Winchester.

13 September 2019 Data skills for All, Royal Society / STEM Learning symposium, York.

27 August 2019 Workshop: “Curricular integration of digital education, programming and robotics, Learning for the Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires.

26 August 2019 Panel: Curricular integration of programming and robotics: international cases, Learning for the Future in the Era of Artificial Intelligence, Buenos Aires.

24 August 2019 Project Quantum (with Richard Millwood), Scratch Conference Europe, Cambridge

17 July 2019 Panel: Interdisciplinary Computer Science Pre-service Teacher Preparation, ITiCSE, Aberdeen

16 July 2019 Panel: Resources for Researching and Teaching Computing Education in Primary and Secondary Schools: What Exists and What is Still Needed, ITiCSE, Aberdeen

10 July 2019 Crowdsourcing multi choice questions, CSTA Conference, Phoenix

11 June 2019 What learning sciences can teach us about presenting. Roehampton Learning and Teaching Festival.

2 May 2019 Assessing computing, IAPS ICT Conference, London.

4 April 2019 Panel, School Reforms for Digital Future, Western Balkans Digital Summit, Belgrade

22 March 2019 Progression in problem solving, ICT for Education, Brighton

22 February 2019 School level data for 2018 GCSE entries, CAS Research seminar, Cambridge

30 January 2019 Plagiarism policies and procedures. INTEGRITY, Telavi, Georgia

24 January 2019 Facilitator, Nordic at BETT: Nordic CRAFT.

17 January 2019 Opening keynote, Islington computing celebration, Emirates Stadium

11 January 2019 Informatique en milieu scolaire: Une perspective anglaise. Class’Code AG Annual Gathering, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris.

29 November 2018 21st century skills: computational thinking and artificial intelligence. ISC Digital Strategy Conference, Radley College.

23 November 2018 Keynote: Teaching AI in schools. ICT Live, Nottingham.

15 November 2018 Project Quantum: tests worth teaching to? CCEA, Belfast.

2 November 2018 Keynote: AI, machine learning and schools, ETZ 2018, Turkish Ministry of Education, Ankara.

18 October 2018 Micro:bit workshops, Digital Leaders Conference, Stroud School, Romsey.

12-13 October 2018 Keynote: computing in schools, an English perspective and workshop, A coherent computing curriculum. Global forum for software education, KOFAC, Busan, South Korea.

8 September 2018 Mining the performance tables. ResearchEd, London.

31 August 2018 Developing an academic writing curriculum. Uppsala University, Sweden.

10 July 2018 A coherent computing curriculum? CSTA Conference, Omaha, NE.

4 July 2018 England’s computing curriculum. Western Balkans Summit, British Ambassador’s Residence, Vienna.

29 June 2018 Keynote: there’s more to blocks than Scratch, Exabytes conference, Bradford.

27 June 2018 Keynote: primary computing update, Equip4Computing Conference 2018, Redhill

21-22 June 2018 Computational thinking and mathematical reasoning: what’s the difference?, Festival of Education, Wellington College.

16 June 2018 Uptake and achievement - how GCSE and A level computing are going, CAS Conference, Birmingham University. With Pete Kemp.

15 June 2018 Keynote, Teaching pupils about AI, ICT for Education, Brighton

12 June 2018 Keynote, Coding Across the Curriculum, Somerset Technology Conference

7-8 June 2018 Presentations on What has England Learnt about Computing Education and Teaching AI, [New Technologies in Education, Belgrade.

24 May 2018 Assessing primary computing. CAS Haslemere Hub meeting, The Royal School, Haslemere.

15-16 May 2018 Workshops on academic writing curricula, assessing academic writing, Moodle’s social constructionist toolset and evaluating and improving lectures, modules and programmes, Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia.

27 April 2018 Keynote, Coding across the curriculum, ICT for Education, Leeds

17 April 2018 Academic writing: the why and the how, Roehampton festival of teaching and learning.

12 April 2018 Computing in schools – what has England learnt? Presentation to Basque delegation, Swansea.

4 April 2018 Video essays as student assignments, HVL technology in teacher education seminar, HVL, Bergen

20 March 2018 Artificial intelligence, machine learning and computing education, World ORT symposium, London.

19 March 2018 ‘A Quantum Leap’: Crowd sourcing assessment. Cambridge Assessment, Downing College, Cambridge.

13 March 2018 Quickstart Computing, Delivering Outstanding Computing, Inside Government, London.

8 March 2018 Project Quantum. CAS East regional conference), Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

2 March 2018 Keynote on coding across the curriculum and plenary on assessing computing, FOBIT18, Bangkok, Thailand.

21-24 February 2018 Panel on repositories and poster on uptake of computing qualifications in England, and poster (with Peter Kemp and Billy Wong) on ‘the new computing curriculum in English schools: a statistical analysis of student participation’ SIGCSE 18, Baltimore, USA.

14 February Teaching academic writing. Erasmus / Integrity, University of Vienna

31 January 2018 Researching Ed Tech, PG Secondary Research Conference, Roehampton.

29 January 2018 Keynote: what probably works when teaching computing, PiXL Computing conference, The Oval, London.

25 January 2018 Nordic at BETT, London.

24 January 2018 Programming in English Schools from 3-18, SMART at BETT, London.

18 January 2018 Keynote, Islington computing celebration, Emirates Stadium, London.

January 2018 Workshops on Switched On Computing, The Study, Wimbledon, London.


12 December 2017 Oral evidence, House of Lords AI Select Committee.

1 December 2017 What (probably) works when teaching computing. ICT Live, Brighton.

30 November 2017 Around the world in 20 minutes - an international persepctive on CS education. ISC Digital Strategy Group, Reading.

28 November 2017 Project Quantum - tests worth teaching to? Edtech in England. Westminster Education Forum, Whitehall, London.

24 November 2017 Panel discussion and Working with performance data, Computing for All, CAS London, King’s College London.

23 November 2017 Computational thinking. Alpha Plus Group computing coordinators workshop.

17 November 2017 Coding across the curriculum, ICT Live, Solihull.

12 November 2017 La relación de la pedagogía creativa y la programación: el caso de éxito de Inglaterra IA Simposio Educación, Maecenas, Córdoba, Spain.

10 November 2017 Keynotes: What we’re learning about teaching computing and Where next for computing, Havering Schools Inspection Service, Rainham, Essex.

3 November 2017 Keynote: just a few things and workshop: Project Quantum. CAS SW regional conference, Plymouth University.

18 October 2017 Three years on: what has England learnt? Programación y Pensamiento Computacional en la Educación, INTEF, Ministry of Education, Madrid.

7 October 2017 Progression, Projects and Problem Solving. Computing from 4 to 18. EduTech Show, Kensington Olympia, London.

28-29 September 2017 Keynote and workshopon Training teachers in computational thinking. Learning to think in a Digital Society, eTwinning Thematic Conference, Athens.

27 September 2017 What a teacher should know about computing, diner pensant, ICT Noord, Groningen

12 September 2017 Project Quantum Workshop, GDST computing coordinators group, London

9 September 2017 What (probably) works when teaching computing. ResearchEd National Conference, London

2 September 2017 Project Quantum: tests worth teaching to?. CAS Scotland Conference, University of Glasgow.

19 July 2017 Assessing coding and CT in Scratch. Scratch 2017, Bordeaux, France.

11 July 2017 A guide to UK computing resources. CSTA Conference, Baltimore, USA.

4 July 2017 Panel: International Perspectives on CS Teacher Formation and Professional Development, ITiCSE 17, University of Bologna

23 June 2017 Workshops: Project Quantum and QuickStart Computing. CAS Northern Ireland Conference, Stranmillis University College, Belfast.

22 June 2017 Coding across the curriculum. The Telegraph Festival of Education, Wellington College.

21 June 2017 Assessing Computing, ITTE annual conference, University of Hull

17 June 2017 Project Quantum: tests worth teaching to? Plenary and workshop, Computing At School National Conference, University of Birmingham.

12 and 14 June 2017 Computing in English schools: this is for everyone. Presentations to MEST / KARIS Korean delegations.

6 June 2017 Assessing Computing. Presentation at eLearning Meet, University of Roehampton.

23 May 2017 Computing At School. Webinar presentation to officials of the Japanese Government.

19 May 2017 Opening keynote, coding across the curriculum, ICT Live, Norwich.

15 May 2017 Assessing computing. Independent Schools Portal Northern ICT Conference, Leeds.

9 May 2017 Keynote, What we’re learning about teaching computing, Challenges 2017, Braga, Portugal.

19 April 2017 Keynote, What a teacher should know about computing, I&I Pracktijkdag, University of Utrecht.

24 March 2017 Opening keynote, coding across the curriculum, ICT Live, Maidstone.

16 March 2017 Assessing computing. The Education Show, Birmingham.

25 February 2017 Presentations on primary pedagogy and secondary assessment, CAS London Conference, Gladesmore Community College.

9-11 February 2017 Presentations on what we’re learning about teaching computing and coding across the curriculum, plus panel discussion on coding from age 5, New Technologies in Education, 2017, Belgrade.

1 February 2017 Researching technology enhanced learning. University of Roehampton Secondary PGCE conference.

31 January 2017 Computing in English schools. Presentation to JAPET delegation, BCS London.

30 January 2017 Teaching Digital Skills: A Strategic Approach to Teacher Training and Support. Webinar, British Council.

28 January 2017 Project Quantum. Google at BETT.

26 January 2017 Nordic @ BETT

26 January 2017 Panel debate: How far can traditional methods of assessment suit modern pedagogy? HE Leaders Summit, BETT.

25 January 2017 Panel debate: Raspberry Pi Foundation, BETT Arena.

25 January 2017 The Roehampton Annual Computing Education Report 2015, with Pete Kemp, Raspberry Pi at BETT.

13 January 2017 Opening keynote, Islington Computing Celebration, Emirates Stadium.

10 January 2017 Presentations on curriculum development and integrated teaching in England, International experience in general education curriculum development and application in Vietnamese conditions, Hanoi, Vietnam.


1 December 2016 Problem based learning and computational thinking. ISC Digital Strategy Group, Microsoft, Reading.

22 November 2016 The silent C in STEM. CIDREE expert group, Utrecht.

15 Novermber 2016 An introduction to analytics. Firefly Learning Confernece, Birmingham.

12 November 2016 Project Quantum. CAS London Primary CPD day, Camden CLC.

10 November 2016 Coding and computer science: progression from EYFS to KS5. Education Network Northern Ireland Innovation Forum.

27 October 2016 Computing At School. Education in the digital age, Paderborn Podium. Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforumvim, Germany.

21 October, 2016 This is for everyone: computing in English schools. SIMO, Madrid.

20 October 2016 Computing across the curriculum. NAPE Computing and Ed Tech Conference, Oxford.

6 October 2016 Computing At School. Early education in computer science expert forum, Haus der kleinen Forscher, Berlin.

2 July 2016 What we’re learning about teaching computing. ITTE Conference, London.

29 June 2016 Keynote: the silent C in STEM, plus workshops on programming and mathematics (primary and secondary). National STEM Centre, University of York.

27 June 2016 Clever stuff for common problems. CAS Tenderfoot CPD, London CLC.

24 June 2016 Crowdsourcing Assessment, Assessment panel, Festival of Education, Wellington College.

24 June 2016 Keynote, Teaching computing effectively, ICT for Education, Brighton.

23 June 2016 Computing: what’s working in schools. Festival of Education, Wellington College.

18 June 2016 Plenary, computing across the curriculum. CAS National Conference, Univesity of Birmingham.

17 June 2016 Keynote, coding across the curriculum. Roehampton Festival of Education.

16 June 2016 The video essay. University of Roehampton e-learning meet.

10 June 2016 Keynote, Problems, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School.

29 April 2016 Keynote, Teaching computing effectively, ICT for Education, Doncaster.

19 March 2016 Computational thinking and Nim. Big Bang Fair, Birmingham.

15 March 2016, Strategies for developing computational thinking through programming with Scratch. Robofest, Singapore.

14 March 2016, Keynote presentation, Coding beyond the curriculum: for the fun of it. Robofest, Singapore.

27 February 2016, Using Scratch in the Mathematics Classroom. New technologies in education, British Council, Belgrade.

26 February 2016, Keynote presentation, Computing in English Schools: this is for everyone. New technologies in education, British Council, Belgrade.

12 February 2016, How to deliver the primary computing curriculum. Osiris

11 February 2016, Introduction to Primary Computing. Harris Federation ITT

3 February 2016, BBC micro:bit. CAS SW Lonoon Hub

23 January 2016 Fresh approach to assessment. BETT Learn Live Higher Education

22 January 2016, Computing: what’s working in schools. BETT Learn Live Primary

22 January 2016, How can teachers do what tech can’t. TES, BETT

20-21 January 2016, Computing in English schools: this is for everyone. Transforming learning summit, SMART / BETT

19 January 2016, There’s more to computing than coding. British Council.

19 January 2016, Computing in English schools. Danish delegation, Microsoft London.

16 January 2016, Assessing programming. CAS Assessment working group.

13 January 2016, Keynote: Computing across the curriculum. Islington Computing and Digital Skills celebration, Emirates Stadium.


10 Dec 2015 Panel discussion, identifying and supporting the next generation of computing teachers, the future of computing in schools, Westminster Forum

4 December 2015 Plenary debate: this house believes 21st century skills aren’t being taught and they should be. OEB 15, Berlin.

27 Nov 2015 Computing in English Schools: this is for everyone. Ministry of Education, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

25 Nov 2015 Panel discussion: Digital Literacy: what is going to make the real difference. CSPC 2015, Ottawa.

20 Nov 2015 What we’re learning about teaching computing. ICT for Education, Solihull.

11 Nov 2015 What we’re learning about teaching computing. CAS SW London Hub.

6 Nov 2015 What we’re learning about teaching computing. ICT for Education, Greenwich.

23 October 2015 What the research says about teaching computing. Harris Federation.

17 October 2015 Computing in English Schools. ERTE teachers’ conference, Lisbon.

15-16 Oct 2015 Strategies for teaching primary computing, and two other workshops, Practical Pedagogies 2015, International School of Toulouse.

14 October 2015 Coding and Digital Skills. eSkills at Schools, European Parliament.

28 September 2015 Supporting teachers in delivering the computing curriculum. Microsoft.

22 Sept 2015 Keynote, ‘’Computing in England’s schools: the story so far and the challenges ahead” Informatik 2015, Klagenfurt, Austria

18 September 2015 The silent C in STEM. Pycon UK

12 September 2015 Education, technology and education technology. Kingham Hill School.

3 September 2015 Teaching logic and declarative programming in English schools. ICIP 2015

12-15 August 2015 Debugging and the Growth Mindset, Scratch Conference, Amsterdam

9-14 August 2015 UK/Korea joint computing education research / workshop, Korean Foundation for Advancement of Science and Creativity, Seoul.

_7 July 2015 _Seminar on impact of technology in schools, TALIS group, Roehampton.

7 July 2015 Keynote: how to teach primary computing, IBM Computing Summer School, Warwick

_4 July 2015 _Keynote, computational thinking and the ‘craft’ of teaching, Association for IT in Teacher Education annual conference.

2 July 2015 Policy priorities for computing, Policy Knowledge.

1 July 2015 Computational thinking in UK Schools: the story so far. EMadrid.

29 June 2015 Assessing trainee teachers’ programming projects, e-learning meet, University of Roehampton

25 June 2015 Enriching computing. SSAT ICT Conference.

25 June 2015 Computing pedagogy, Optimus Education, London.

21 June 2015 Digital rights, Amnesty International Teacher Conference

9 June 2015 Computing education in England: this is for everyone, EU Schoolnet, Brussels

5 June 2015 How to teach computing. Dream Team. Animate2Educate, Newcastle.

4 June 2015 The silent C in STEM. Roehampton STEM Education Conference

29 May 2015 Agile pedagogy, iMoot.

19 May 2015 Coding challenges for more able mathematicians, Maths for the more able conference. NACE.

11 May 2015 Essential primary computing training day, YPO

29 April 2015 How to teach computing. Academies Show, ExCel

23 March 2015 Learning Computing Through Failure- Debugging and the Growth Mindset‘ Naace Strategic Conference.

7-8 March 2015 Computing workshops, NABSS conference, Malaga

27 February 2015 Innovative maths teaching, Bristol

26 February 2015 An introduction to Switched on Computing, EICE, Manchester.

24 February 2015 From data to wisdom, ‘Towards tomorrow’s digital citizens workshop’ ifip / Mirandanet.

16 February 2015 Computational Thinking. Leicester University PGCE Conference.

13 February 2015 Research in education technology and computing education. Wandsworth Schools.

12 February 2015 Good practice in teaching programming, ‘Teaching the new computing curriculum’, Understanding Modern Gov, London.

5 February 2015 Privacy and the national curriculum. Teachmeet Magna Carta, British Library

30 January 2015 Computing and D&T workshop, Royal Academy of Engineering.

29 January 2015 OER and computing. OER Schools Conference. Phoenix, Leicester.

23 January 2015 Panel discussion, ‘integrating technology and creating the best computer science curriculum‘ and seminar, ‘how to teach primary computing‘, BETT, London

21 January 2015. Blue Bot and the computing curriculum. TTS event, BETT

20 January 2015 This is for everyone: computing education in English schools. British Council, London.

13 January 2015 Barefoot computing and computational thinking. Islington computing event, Emirates Stadium, London.

7 January 2015 QuickStart Taster Session, Microsoft, London.


8 December 2014 K-12 computer science education in England, KAST 20th Anniversary Symposium, Seoul

1 December 2014 Keynote and workshops, Computing Conference, Osiris, London

25 November 2014 speech on inclusion in computing for Google / Teach First dinner, London

20 November 2014 Primary Computing, NAPE Southeast, Greenwich

6 November 2014 Keep taking the tablets. Keynote for No strings attached! Mobile learning conference, Babcock, Epsom.

5 November 2014 Key Stage 2 Computing, ISC ICT Strategic Conference, Berkahamsted

24 October 2014 Workshops on the computing curriculum, Harris Teachers Conference

23 October 2014 Keynote and workshops, Technology for Learning Conference, British School of Brussels, Belgium

18 October 2014 Learner voices, Creative Connections Conference, University of Roehampton.

15 October 2014 This is for everyone. EU Codeweek, Mozilla, London.

15 October 2014 Keynote, assessing computing. Optimus secondary conference, London.

14 October 2014 Introduction to primary computing, Webinar, Rising Stars

10 October 2014 Keynote, Resetting CS Education,  VIVID: Education in information Society,Ljubljana, Slovenia

1 October 2014 The English computing curriculum. COBIS / Rising Stars.

29 September 2014 Innovative maths teaching. Windsor.

27 September 2014 From users to creators. Web we Want Festival, South Bank Centre, London.

21 July 2014. Keynote ‘the primary computing programme of study‘. IBM / CLC, London.

11 July 2014. Keynote, ‘Barefoot computing and computational thinking‘. BT/BCS, London.

2 July 2014. Keynote ‘The primary curriculum‘. BBC/Google, Manchester.

25 June 2014 Keynote, From users to creators, and workshop on Big Data. SSAT Computing Conference. London.

23 June 2014 Keynote, Looking forward to computing, and workshop on The Web. Primary computing conference, Merton.

21 June 2014. Opening keynote, There is no ‘them’, CAS teacher conference, Birmingham University.

17 June 2014. Workshop: Insight into the primary computing curriculum. Penn Wood School, Slough.

13 June 2014 Keynote, Primary computing: planning, teaching, assessing. London CLC primary conference.

12 June 2014  Keynote presentation, The new computing curriculum, plus workshops on Computer Science in Key Stage 1 and Binary, IT14 Conference, EIS Kent.

4 June 2014 Assessing attainment in computing. CAS Calderdale hub meeting.

22 May 2014 Teaching computing. Merton

16 May 2014 Keynote, Digital pedagogy. Digital Literacy Now, Skyrocket, Cardiff.

8 May 2014 A joined up primary computing curriculum. Keynote, and workshop on assessmentOptimus primary computing conference, London.

30 April 2014 Implementing the new KS1 and KS2 computing curriculum. Keynote presentation. Forum Business Exchange.

30 April 2014 Implementing the new computing curriculum. Webinar, Rising Stars.

11 April 2014 E-learning and historical enquiry. Seminar contribution, HEA workshop, University of Roehampton.

8 April 2014 Growing for the UK information economy: skills, innovation and knowledge transfer. Westminster eForum.

2 April 2014 Opening keynote. CAS primary NE conference, Newcastle.

31 March 2014 Keynote. CAS/Naace primary regional training, London.

28 March 2014 Keynote. CAS/Naace primary regional training, Manchester.

27 March 2014 Translating Learner Voice. Breakout session, Naace Strategic Conference

22 March 2013 The primary computing curriculum, TLAB14 Berkhamsted.

20 March 2014 The computing curriculum explained. Education Show, Birmingahm

19 March 2014 Unravelleing the new computing curriculum. Birmingham / Rising Stars

16 March 2014 Computing in Special Schools. SEND Teaching Alliance, Westhill School, Leatherhead.

13 March 2014 Assessment. Adapting to the new Computing National Curriculum for Secondary Schools, Phillip Allan, Manchester.

12 March 2014 Keynote: the computing curriculum explained. CAS/Naace primary regional training, Nottingham.

7 March 2014  Are we there yet? Keynote MGL Liverpool 14

4 March 2014. The computing curriculum. Keynote, Croydon Subject Leaders Meeting.

3 March 2014 Insight into the primary computing curriculum. Brighton / Rising Stars

28 February 2014 The next steps. Primary Computing Unwrapped, Camden CLC

24 February 2014 Primary computing. Hub development day, Kent.

February 2014 Are we there yet? Keynote MGL Manchester 14

February 2014 The primary computing curriculum. Keynote, TMHerts.

January 2014 Computing: planning, assessment and resources. Merton

January 2014 More than coding? Symposium paper, Mirandamod / BETT

January 2014 Insight into the primary computing curriculum. Learn Live / BETT

January 2014 Primary computing: policy, context and implications. Arena keynote for CAS/BCS at BETT

January 2014 The computing curriculum, SSAT / BETT

January 2014 Teaching the internet and the Web, Stone Computers / BETT

January 2014 Cryptography for primary pupils, Rising Stars / BETT


December 2013 The future of computing in schools. Osiris

December 2013 Primary computing. Camden and Islington / Google

December 2013 The New Primary Curriculum. Westminster Briefing

December 2013 Personal computing for pupils. Opening keynote, GDST.

December 2013 The new computing curriculum. Devon / Babcock

November 2013 Leading Computing to Outstanding. Osiris

November 2013 Introducing the primary computing curriculum. Merton

November 2013 Agile approaches to education. ASCL / Micorsoft

November 2013 How to deliver an effective computing curriculum. Government Knowledge.

October 2013 Insight into the new computing curriculum, Camden CLC / Rising Stars

October 2013 Insight into the new computing curriculum, EIS Kent / Rising Stars

September 2013 Insight into the new computing curriculum, Lambeth CLC / Rising Stars

 September 2013 Programming and trainee teachers. Westminster Forum.

_September 2013  _Translating learning voice, conference symposium paper, BERA 2013.

June 2013 Agile Pedagogy, Keynote presentation, Hampshire schools ICT Conference.

June 2013 Developing a scheme of work for computing, Hampshire schools ICT Conference.

June 2013  Creativity and computing, keynote, Oxfordshire primary ICT Conference.__

_June 2013   _Agile pedagogy seminar, Creat_ed event, Barbican__

June 2013  Agile pedagogy, keynote, CAS Teacher Conference, Birmingham University__

May 2013 Data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Opening keynote for ISA Annual Conference, Eastbourne.__

April 2013 Creativity, innovation and the prep school. Closing keynote, IAPS / ISA ICT conference.

April 2013  New tools for a new curriculum. Derbyshire ICT Conference.

April 2013  Trainee teachers’ attitudes to programming. Pelecon.__

April 2013  The new computing curriculum. Leicester University PGCE conference keynote.__

March 2013 1010 reasons for teaching computing, closing keynote, CAS conference, Southampton University__

_March 2013 _Leading Computing to Outstanding. Osiris.__

March 2013 Designing a curriculum fit for the workplace. Building your ICT Curriculum, ModernGov

March 2013 The Computing Curriculum from 2014. Keynote presentation for MGL, Liverpool.

March 2013 Agile pedagogy. Presentation for ECIS tech conference.

March 2013 Creative Connections. Seminar for CEREPP, University of Roehampton

March 2013 Digital Makers, panel discussion, Nominet Trust

March 2013 Programme of study for Computing. Naace strategic conference.

February 2013    The new programme of study for ICT. Westminster Forum.

February 2013 The future of ICT in Education. Keynote presentation for MGL, Manchester.

January 2013 The ICT Programme of Study, Naace at BETT

January 2013 HTML 5 Presentations. Teachmeet BETT

January 2013 Agile Pedagogy, BETT Seminar

January 2013 The Craft of Teaching, Stone Computers at BETT


December 2012 Agile Pedagogy, Teaching Agency

December 2012 Assessment and CPD workshops, The future of computing in schools conference, Osiris

November 2012, The KS1 and 2 draft programme of study. BCS / RAEng

November 2012 Keynote, Independent Schools Council IT Strategy Group conference

November 2012 Where next for the primary curriculum. Google / Teach First

October 2012 Panel discussion: Reflections on EIU report. Economist Intelligence Unit / Huawei

July 2012 Leading ICT to outstanding. Osiris.

July 2012 Connectivist professional development. ICT Mark Champions Launch Event.

July 2012 Blogging and e-portfolios for student teachers. M25 Learning Technologists Group.

June 2012 The open source approach. Rethinking ICT Conference.

June 2012 Innovative ICT. Ed Exec Live.

June 2012 Agile pedagogy. Teaching computer science in schools seminar. The Guardian.

June 2012 Pedagogies of computing. Computing at School teachers conference

June 2012 The open source approach. Westminster Education Forum

May 2012 Academic Twits: using Twitter in learning, teaching and research. University of Roehampton Learning and Teaching Conference. With Andy Hoang and Ed Rudge.

April 2012 The future of ICT education. Inside Education.

April 2012 Rethinking the ICT Curriculum. Plymouth enhanced learning conference.

April 2012 Blogging and e-portfolios for student teachers. Plymouth enhanced learning conference.

March 2012 Technology transforming tomorrow. Panel discussion, Language World.

March 2012 Open sourcing education. Open Rights Group Conference

March 2012 Rethinking ICT. Surrey secondary ICT coordinators conference

March 2012 Rethinking ICT. Staffordshire ICT Conference

March 2012 Rethinking ICT pedagogy for the 3rd millennium. Naace Strategic Conference

January 2012 Embedding ICT across the primary curriculum. Seminar with Dave Smith, BETT.

January 2012 Rethinking ICT Pedagogy. Seminar, BETT.


November 2011 Digital pedagogies for a digital age. Keynote presentation, Wandsworth curriculum conference.

November 2011 ICT and Creativity. Workshop, Wandsworth curriculum conference.

November 2011 Switched on ICT curriculum planning workshop. Alton Convent School

Sept 2011 Initial teacher education and technology in action. Presentation at Policy Exchange.

July 2011 Blogs, portfolios and student teachers: blended learning and ICT education. International Council on Education for Teaching. Poster presentation with John Lodge.

June 2010 Open source software for education and training. BCS Open Source Specialist Group. Seminar presentation.

June 2010 Teachers’ professional formation and the role of online communities. CEREPP Research Students Conference. Seminar presentation.

May 2011 Open Source: software and beyond. Open for Education, JISC RSC N&E Scotland. Keynote presentation.

May 2011 Blended learning and ICT education. In Roehampton University 8th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference. Conference paper with John Lodge.

April 2011 The moral case for open source. Open Source Schools leadership conference. Opening keynote.

April 2011 Open Education. iMoot 11. Online presentation.

March 2011 Getting ICT Right Across the Primary Curriculum. Naace Annual Conference. Conference paper with Dave Smith.

March 2011 Ask the Expert residency on ‘Doing more with less’. National College. Online discussion.

Feb 2011 Teaching IT in Primary Schools. Skills for the UK Digital Economy – delivering the IT professionals of the future. Westminster eForum.

Jan 2011 ICT and Learning for Less. UK Education Leaders at BETT. Conference panel with Chris Gerry, Mike Herrity and Anne White.

Jan 2011 Creative Problem Solving Projects At Key Stage 3. BETT. Panel presentation with Thomas Ng, John Stout, Roger Davies Peter Marshman and Peter Dickman.

Jan 2011 Saving Money with Open Source. BETT. Panel presentation with David Willmot, Alan Bell and Paul Haigh.


November 2010 Migrating to Blended Learning.  A small scale research study of an ICT course for Trainee Teachers. SERA. Conference paper with John Lodge.

October 2010 Open Source: Beyond the Software. FOTE 10. Conference paper.

September 2010 Open Source Deployment – lessons from schools. Westminster eForum. Conference paper.

July 2010 Becoming an ICT Teacher… think computing! Computing at School Teacher Conference. Panel presentation with David Longman, John Woollard and Tim Tarrant.

July 2010 Programming for primary teachers. Computing at School Teacher Conference. Seminar.

July 2010 Reflection and Identity, ITE Students ICT Blogs. ITTE Annual Conference. Conference paper with John Lodge

June 2010 Technological innovation in schools – cross sector transfer. In Transfer Summit UK. Conference paper.

June 2010 The Direction of Travel. West Berkshire ICT Coordinators Conference. Keynote presentation.

June 2010 Blended learning for trainee teachers: new opportunities, new challenges. Conference paper with John Lodge, ROERCE 2010)

April 2010 Teaching teachers about e-learning with Moodle, conference paper, UK MoodleMoot

March 2010 The Open Source Debate, facilitation, EMBC Regional Conference

March 2010 Programming in primary education, breakout session, Naace Strategic Conference

February 2010 Teaching teachers to Moodle, Leeds Moodle Conference.

February 2010 Open Source Education, virtual presentation, e-learning materials and discussion, iMoot.

January 2010 Finding Nemo from Scratch, presentation, TeachMeet BETT 2010

January 2010 Open Source and Creative Computing, presentation with Ian Utting at BETT 2010 for AlphaPlus Consultancy


November 2009 Evening workshop on Scratch for computing teachers in Kent schools.

October 2009 Keynote presentation on Learning: jouneys, environments and networks to Council of British Independent Schools, Madrid; workshop on Moodle.

October 2009 Keynote presentation on Open Source and Slow Food for Open Source Schools Local Authority Seminar

September 2009 Open Source Projects as Communities of Practice. MirnadaMod, Institute of Education, London.

July 2009 Scratch programming in primary education, Open Source Schools Unconference

July 2009 ICT and the New Curriculum, Keynote presentation, West Berkshire ICT Conference

July 2009 Open Source in Schools, UKUUG Summer Conference, London

May 2009 Briefing on Open Source Schools for Becta Strategic Technologies Directorate

April 2009 ‘What are your kids learning when you’re not looking’, presentation with Terry Freedman, Plymouth e-learning conference, University of Plymouth)

April 2009 Open Source Implementation in Schools, Guardian conference on Open Source in the Public Sector

April 2009 Moodle and Informal Learning, UK Moodle Moot, Loughborough University

April 2009 Open Source in Schools, Bar Camp Apache, Oxford

February 2009 Teaching teachers to Moodle, Leeds Moodle Conference

January 2009 Moodle and Informal Learning, Bradford Moodle Conference

January 2009 Drupal for a school website, presentation at TeachMeet BETT 2009

January 2009 Open Source Schools, presentation at BETT 2009 for AlphaPlus Consultancy

January 2009 What are your kids learning when you’re not looking’, presentation with Terry Freedman at BETT 2009 for BCS EDTREP


December 2008 Presentation on open source in schools at Elgg Conference 2008

November 2008 Keynote presentation, Personal Learning Journeys, for North Islington Zone heads

February 2008 Keynote presentation for Bradford Moodle Moot on learning journeys and learning environments

January 2008 Presentation with Terry Freedman for NAACE at BETT 2008 on Personalised Learning through Technology


November 2007 Wikis for homework, contribution to co-authored paper and panel presentation, Appreciative Inquiry and Global Collaboration, chaired by Ray Calabrese for UCEA

November 2007 Training day for Great Barr School, Birmingham on e-learning

October 2007 Presentation for MoodleMoot 07 on Moodle and knowledge management

September 2007 Keynote presentation on learning journeys and learning landscapes for BCS Education and Training Expert Panel Annual Assembly

April 2007 Presentation for Portsmouth Primary IT Conference on primary learning platforms.

March 2007 Presentation with Terry Freedman on Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and More for RSC-NI

March 2007 Presentation at NAACE Strategic Conference on primary learning platforms

January 2007 Presentation with Terry Freedman for the BCS at BETT 2007 on Social Technologies and learning in your classroom: blogs, wikis, podcasts and more


October 2006 Presentation on Moodle for Midhurst area intermediate and first schools

September 2006 Presentation on “Personalisation, social learning and the e-strategy” for Curverider conference, Edinburgh.

July 2006 Presentation to MoodleMoot 06 on Naace Learning Platforms CPD toolkit.

July 2006 Presentation on “Moodle, Elgg and the E-Strategy” for Flossie 06. Slides available online.

Feb-June 2006 Series of seminars for Harnessing Technology: Beyond Tomorrow conferences (NCSL SLICT): “The value of ICT in extending the school”

April 2006 Mirandanet presentation on PLEs, VLEs and beyond. Slides online.

April 2006 Presentation and seminar (with Mike Partridge) on Effective Learning Platforms: primary education, personalised learning and social networks.

March 2006 Workshops for Emerging Leaders (NCSL): “Learning Platforms”

March 2006 Presentation on “Enhanced Teaching with the help of ICT” for Becta at the Education Show

January 2006 Presentation for BCS seminar at BETT on the E-Strategy: From policy to practice

January 2006 Presentation as part of the Moodle team at BETT on the use of Moodle at St Ives


August 2005 Plenary presentation at Moodle Moot 05 (Saïd Business School, Oxford): An investigation of the effectiveness of Moodle in primary education

April 2005 Poster presentation at CAL 05 (University of Bristol): An investigation of the effectiveness of virtual learning environment implementation in primary education