Moodle concept map navigation

May 01, 2006

Miles Berry

I’ve been playing around with the Flash browser for Freemind maps, and I’m very impressed. Here’s an attempt at one for navigating Using Moodle as an example:

It also turns out that Slovenian schoolteacher Janko Harej has already coded up a Moodle filter for Freemind maps, and I don’t think it would be too difficult to adapt this to use the Flash browser instead of the standard java applet, so concept map navigation for Moodle courses is pretty much ready to go! How cool is that?

The next step is to get Moodle to write the Freemind .mm file automatically from the course structure stored in the database. Now this is beyond my coding skills, but the .mm file will have a very similar structure to the human-readable course homepage that Moodle creates on the fly already, so it’s quite a tractable problem.