The writing's on the wall for paper and pencil

May 16, 2006

Miles Berry

Interviewed by Heather McLean for today’s Guardian about blogging and wikis in primary schools:

Blogging has been brought into the classroom at St Ives school in Haslemere, Surrey. Each student in year 6 has their own blog in a secure, walled setting using Elgg software. Deputy head and information systems manager Miles Berry explains: “We wanted students to learn how to express their views, and it’s been a success. We also wanted them to develop an acceptance of other’s contributions, to appreciate others’ perspectives. They are learning and being inspired by each other’s writing in a far more immediate way than if we just stuck their work on the wall.”

Also at St Ives, students in years 5 and 6 are using wikis (web content that anyone has freedom to edit, such as the free encyclopaedia at to develop collaborative writing skills. Within the school’s virtual learning environment (based on free, open-source Moodle software) wikis have been incorporated to allow classes to work together on homework assignments.