Dec 12, 2006

Miles Berry

Nice coverage in today’s Guardian for Terry Freedman and my upcoming seminar at BETT

George Cole writes:

One of the BCS-supported seminars is called Social Technologies and Learning in Your Classroom (Thursday January 11, Room A at 3.15pm) presented by BCS members Miles Berry and Terry Freedman. “We’ll be looking at the Web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, podcasts and wikis, and how they can be used as a vehicle for learning,” says Berry. “We’ll also cover social networking, using Flickr photo-sharing software and e-portfolios.” The presentation will also include case studies taken from Freedman’s book, Coming of Age, an electronic version of which is available free at

There’s also a mention in John Davitt’s piece:

Elsewhere, use of opensource software in many schools suggests some form of digital altruism is at work: people are performing wonders at the chalkface but also documenting and sharing their experiences for free (often through online blogs) so that others can follow.

“Opensource software, such as Moodle and Elgg, allows a school or local authority to deliver on the e-strategy in a way that’s suited to the needs of teachers and learners, using programs that they can adapt to their own requirements at minimal cost,” says Miles Berry, headteacher and digital philanthropist.

“These programs are built on a recognition of the unique contributions that teachers and learners can make, rather than delivering pre-packaged ‘learning objects’ from the content industry.”

At Bett, Berry and ICT adviser Terry Freedman will show how blogs and podcasts can support learning (3pm, Thursday January 11, stand SW60).