Flickr and InDesign

Oct 06, 2008

Miles Berry

I find myself teaching AS ICT to a few of the senior school’s pupils this year. Quite a difference from the running the prep school stuff that makes up the majority of my day, but none the worse for that. We’re following the new WJEC specification, although we’ve held off switching to Welsh as the medium of instruction for the time being. The coursework side includes quite an emphasis on ‘presenting information’, which, given my students are also studying art or photography, is allowing them to produce some impressive work.

Now our new media suite is up and running, today was the first chance we had to get started with InDesign, and a very good start it was too. We have our sixth form open evening coming up tomorrow, so we spent the lesson modifying one of the InDesign templates to produce some rather nice posters illustrating various ICT related concepts, using Flickr as a source for photos. Herre’s one on Web 2.0, the main image c/o Will Lion:

My students were quite overwhelmed by Flickr. A great treat for me seeing it, as if for the first time, through their eyes – it’s so easy to take sites like Flickr and Wikipedia for granted, but occasions like this do give one pause for thought as to how amazing it is the way that this technology lets us share our creativty and appreciate that of others.