Moodle and e-safety

Jan 13, 2009

Miles Berry

A couple of quotes from me in the pre-BETT Guardian. Alas, the photos they took of our pupils Moodling don’t appear to have made it in 🙁

Jack Kenny’s article, ‘Get ready for the next intranet generation‘:

… Meanwhile, supporters of the open source Moodle platform have seen it go from strength to strength across primary and secondary schools. Miles Berry, head of Alton convent school prep in Hampshire, has long backed Moodle. “Version 1.9 released last March brought with it features that meet the needs of schools (or even authorities) as a whole, rather than the teacher/class focus that has been characteristic in the past,” he says. “For example, Moodle now offers a centralised grade book, competency or outcome tracking, teacher notes and ePortfolio integration. It remains very strong at providing the tools to allow social learning. It also works beautifully on an iPhone or iPod Touch.” …

Julie Nightingale’s article “Don’t Panic!“:

… Headteacher Miles Berry and ICT consultant Terry Freedman will examine some of the issues around e-safety in their seminar on informal learning (“What are your kids learning when you’re not looking?” Saturday 17 January). Fears will be lessened if parents and teachers get to grips with the role technologies such as social networking can play in learning, Berry suggests. “Schools that provide tools for social networking, collaboration and creativity themselves, or encourage learning using such tools, are in a good place to talk to parents in a balanced, informed way about just how their children are using the net.” …