Images in Elgg

Oct 12, 2005

Miles Berry

I decided to encourage a bit more posting over the last week, and I’m pleased to see most have risen to the challenge.

Bearing in mind that our whole blogging project has been slipped in under the guise of ‘designing a website’, I thought we ought to have a go at images today.

Lots of process stuff again, but my pupils had a great time searching through the school’s photo archive to find just the right picture to illustrate one of their earlier posts, and I think the techy bits of resizing, downgrading, and uploading were worth the mild hassle, especially in the latter case if we’re going to use the portfolio side of things, and I hope that we are. The feedback was really positive for this session.

As we’re running on an internal server, I wonder how easy it would be to map their file directories across as NFS shares into their samba folders, or even to mount them directly as samba shares? Oh, and we really appreciate the access security extending down into file urls.

Here’s my demonstration piece – our Tux, together with a friend made by the nursery pupils to keep him company.