Elgg at BETT

Jan 15, 2006

Miles Berry

I can’t believe I’ve not posted here for three months. Oops. We’re continuing to make good use of Elgg, despite some problems when our install went offline following one of SuSE’s automatic updates. The positive side of this was that the nagging from my pupils about “When will you fix elgg” was strong evidence of how much they’ve come to enjoy using it.

I’m watching with interests the elgg-moodle integration project, and am also interested in looking at other ways of making use of the application layer to provide for integration with an MIS (like Schooltool, for whom we’re now the UK partner institution).

I was asked to speak in one of the BCS seminars at the BETT show about the UK e-strategy in action – I focussed particularly with how Elgg and Moodle support priorities two and three of the strategy respectively. I’ve uploaded a flash movie of the slides and audio here.

The elgg bit starts two thirds of the way along.