Half Term Culture

Feb 19, 2006

Miles Berry

A lot of the half term has been spent at the computer (surprise, surprise!), reading more of the blogosphere than I normally get chance to, but also trying out a few other bits of web 2.0 for the first time.

Flickr has been a real inspiration, and it’s been great to have the excuse to look back over nearly five years of digital photos – very happy memories of holidays and day-trips.

the top 25

I’ve also been reading David Cairn’s Mozart and his Operas, which is a great mixture of biography and accessible music criticism, placing the great operas in the context of Mozart’s life, and enriching my grasp of both in the process. Good to listen again to the recordings I have of some, and a great temptation to complete the set. Radio 3’s broadcast of Covent Garden’s Marriage of Figaro on Wednesday evening was worth hearing too – I believe BBC2 will be televising it over the Easter holdiays.

Having missed it at the cinema, we eventually got round to seeing Pride and Prejudice on DVD – both Nightly and MacFadyen’s interpretations seemed to own lots to Ehle and Frith in the BBC version, but none the worse for that. I’m tempted to watch the Beeb one again, to figure out what’s been missed out from the film. Inspired by this we also took in Sense and Sensibility.

We’ve actually had Hollywood in Godalming over the week, filming for “The Holiday“, bringing fake shops, snow, christmas decorations, and Cameron Diaz to our corner of Surrey. We were quite astounded by the number of people involved, and it looks as though they’ll be back this week, as they need to do a few more snow scenes.