Feb 20, 2006

Miles Berry

We had Tom Hoffman of Schooltool visiting us at school today, as part of the SchoolTool world tour – Monday, St Ives School, Haslemere, Tuesday, UNESCO, Paris, etc.

Tom Hoffman's visit

St Ives has been picked as the UK partner school for this Shuttleworth funded open source school management information system, so today’s visit provided a chance for Tom and his wife to get a flavour of St Ives and some of our administrative systems, and for me and my colleagues to get more of an idea of what Schooltool will be able to do during the pilot year, as well as something of the vision for the future.

Having just about got my head round php and mysql, the learning curve for Zope and object-oriented programming looks pretty steep, although I’m certainly not planning to get involved in too much of the actual coding myself. Integration with Moodle and indeed Elgg would open up really exciting posibilities for an open source knowledge management solution for education.