TES Culture Vulture

Feb 14, 2006

Miles Berry

Back in January I was interviewed for the TES culture vulture column – the interview appeared in last Friday’s edition, and thankfully comes across as fairly normal, despite my pseudish responses to some of the questions, it is accompanied by a photo of Russell Crowe, which is understandable, considering the number of times we must get mistaken for each other.

It was such an interesting experience, not just trying to think through favourite books, films, music etc, but, far harder, trying to work out why they mattered to me. The text is in the TES archive, but here are my desert island choices:

Books: Sunrise of Wonder, Michael Mayne, Look to Windward, Ian M Banks

Film: A Beautiful Mind (I also mentioned The English Patient, but this got missed out)

Exhibitions: these were missed out, but I went for Matisse-Picasso at Tate Modern, and Turner-Whistler-Monet at Tate Britain, both of which we’d taken my form up to.

Music: Tricky, as I keep changing my mind, but I went for Mahler’s 2nd (The Rattle CBSO recording, although Abbado at Lucerne on DVD is outstanding). I also got in a mention of Giulio Cesare at Glyndebourne last summer.

Resources: Moodle and Elgg (of course), also talked about digital photography

Something to look forward to: Still waiting to hear if we’ve got tickets for some of the Salzburg Festival next August.