Some examples of using computing in maths

Mar 09, 2021

Miles Berry

Over the years, I’ve created a number of different examples for how computing might be better integrated into maths education. Here’s at attempt at pulling together some of the things I’ve said, written and made for this.


Data science breakout at CSTA’s Future of CS Summit.

A walkthrough of creating a fractions class in Python, to introduce some of the ideas of object oriented programming.

A presentation, just before the first COVID-19 lockdown, on teaching data skills for all.

Three old walkthroughs (from 2011!) with a snowflake theme: Geogebra, Inkscape and Scratch 1.4.


Just the slide decks here…

Coins and computing

Computational thinking and mathematical reasoning

The silent C in STEM With Andrew Csizmadia

Computing and maths

Using Scratch in the mathematics classroom

Coding challenges for able mathematicians

Maths teaching and technology


Computational thinking and mathematical reasoning, Hello World 10

Time for change, Hello World 10

Data science in schools, CSTA Advocate

Mathematics and Computer Science, CSTA Advocate

Making Change, Teachwire

Computational thinking and mathematical reasoning with Andrew Csizmadia

Making the links between computing and mathematics Switched On

Python examples

Fractions as a class

Making change

Ways to make change

Teaching data science

£sd as a Python class

Scratch examples

Analogue clock

Monte Carlo Pi

HCF algorithms, qv Euclid’s algorithm

Making change - the ultimate version?

Dice simulator

Countdown timer